Welcome to my blog, whoever is reading this… 8D and RTV out!

Um.. hi world! Green Boa’s blog here, on showing poptropica in depth! wow, the first post… anyway…. all poptropica players are totally welcome… if you dare to meet Dr Hare’s brother…. >:D

Moving on,  here’s the new PCB post about RTV!

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Reality TV Now Available to EVERYONE!

The wait is now over! Reality TV Island is now available to everyone! Join the other contestants in the various challenges to determine who will win all of the fame and glory! Now with an all new game! Grab your hang gliders and get ready for some soaring fun!

avatar image

The one and only Vlad the Viking at 11:15 AM
Well, all non-members saved their money for this day… sooo *runs*

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