Break that record! =D

 UPDATE: Mytholgy island is available to everyone NOW! o_O APRIL FOOLS! But this isn’t a april fools joke, it is available to members (ugh! 😛 ) now! Check the Poptropica Facebook Page to see! It will be available to Dr Hare ONLY everyone on April 29th! Check the  Mytholgy Island Info Page to see!  😦  *sigh* All the non-members have to wait 28 days til the godly island. 😉

Hey guys! 🙂

There’s a new PCB post, about RTV!

Monday, March 29, 2010

Beat that!

How many times have you won Reality TV Island?

avatar image

*rolls eyes* Really, that’s seriously cool! You can now track how many times you’ve won the show! 😀 Really, Dr Hare? You’ve won 5 times?! For a member that’s not many. Or maybe Dr Hare was too busy to get membership… evil plans? 😮 Anyway I’m the same as that bad little bunny. 😀 BEAT THAT! lol jks jks. 😆 So, as Dr Hare said, “How many times have you beaten Reality TV island?”  😀
Green Boa is…. trying to beat Dr Hare at Hang Glider >:l  XD

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