Mytholgy island guide!

Hey everyone!

Check out this awesome Mytholgy guide written by Mona Lisa and Pooh! (not a famous painting and a bear who likes honey, two members from the PHF, a fun poptropica community!)

Mythology Island.

Walkthrough for Mythology Island
You enter the Museum Of Olympus. Once you enter, you see Zeus on the wall telling Hades and Poseidon, ”Come brothers, we must defeat the titans”
The power of Hades’s crown, Poseidon’s trident, and Zeus’s staff destroy the titans.
“I rule the underworld!” says Hades.
“I rule the seas!” says Poseidon
“I rule the heavens! All must bow before me!” says Zeus
“I will never bow to you, brother” says Hades.
“Nor I” says Poseidon
“Perhaps not now…but one day” says Zeus
You get the starfish sticking on Poseidon’s face on one of the statues.
Then you exit The Museum Of Olympus.
Then you turn to your left and see a path named “Tree Of Immortality”
You go by that path and pass an old lady who says, “Things are not always what they seem to be”. You pass her and go up a tree and meet a “person’ who says that the nymphs have hidden his honey, and you must find it.After finding them,you return to him and he gives you the path to the Golden Apple.Once you take the golden apple,he says,”Well I think I’ll be leaving now” and he disappears.Zeus flies down from the heavens towards you and asks,”Who has picked an apple of immortality?”
”Um,sorry. Do you want it back?” replies your Poptropican
“I will grant you immortality.But first,you must perform a task” says Zeus
“What if I refuse? asks your poptropican.
“Then all of Poptropica will feel my wrath.”replies Zeus
“Okay then.What do I do?” asks your Poptropican.
Zeus goes back to the heavens.He leaves a sacred scroll.You examine the scroll.
“Find these five sacred items and return them here to me.When you have found them all,the gift of immortality will be yours
1.A flower from the Garden of the Sphinx
2.The golden ring of the Minotaur
3.A scale from the hydra
4.A giant pearl from the kingdom of Poseidon
5.A whisker from Cerberus
These are the 5 items you need to get to get immortality.
Once you go down the tree, the old lady you previously passed transforms into Athena.
You walk towards her.She says,”I am Athena.Be careful dealing with my father.He isn’t honest”says Athena.
“Can you help me?” you ask
“Look to the olive trees if you need my help” says Athena.
“Thanks.Anything else I should know?’ you ask.
“My brother Hercules might help you,if you can convince him.
You go to main street,and enter the path to the far right of main street entitled “Grove Of Temples.You enter a musical palace and get a free reed pipe at the far right.You jump to a statue on the left at the top part.
“How may I inspire you today?”He asks
Can you teach me a song to play on my pipe?” You ask.
“You must first prove yourself a worthy musician.Play what I play…” He says.
He teaches you a song to calm Cerberus,the three headed dog.
You exit the musical palace and go to main street.You go all the way to the left and head for the Tree Of Immortality again.You go to far left and end enter the Garden Of The Sphinx.On the far left,there is a sign entitled,”Meet the Minotaur”You go up and see Athena’s note “Music can open up new doors”.On your reed pipe you play what is on the Minotaur’s door.
“Um…can I have the ring on your nose?”you ask
“I only grant favors to those who can find the way through my labyrinth.”he replies.
You enter the labyrinth and Athena provides you with string.When you come to the bones,make them “ten”Then the wall opens and you go down and enter another place.You see the minotaur’s picture.It says ”The red-eyed snake holds your fate.Catch her thrice to raise the gate.” Then after clicking on the red eyed snake,the wall raises and you exit.You get the minotaur’s ring and you tell him about the ring being one of the things Zeus requires.He replies that Zeus can’t be trusted and tells you to be careful.The card which holds the ring says,”Whover wields”You exit the minotaur’s labyrinth and
You jump up to collect Pomegranates.You then click on a wilted flower under the “sphinx” she tells you that to gain one of her flowers you must flood the land.Go to the aqueducts and mke the water fall to the ground.The wilted flower blooms and becomes colourful.You click it.The card says,”all of”.You cross the bridge all the way past the musical palace and go down to a place that is built out of skulls.A person says he offers you a drachma for cleaning all the graffiti which writes bad things about Hades.You do and he offers you the drachma.You enter the sicky building and place the pomegranates as an offering to Hades and enter the door.After going through something like the labyrinth,you go down and meet charon,who ferries you through The river Styx. It’s full of Danger! You finally meet Cerberus and play the tune taught by the statue at the musical palace.He sleeps, you get his whisker, and the card says “objects will rule” but you have another problem:the stone is blocking the way to Hades’s throne.So you go all the way out and go up to a fish paradise.You enter it and place the star fish as an offering.You meet Aphrodite,and she tests you on the Greek gods.
Ans 1:Ares
Ans 3:Aphrodite
Ans 4:Artemis
Ans 5:Hestia
She gives you a mirror which ca transport you to the realms ofthe major gods.
You look for the hydra when you dive in to the water.It is at the bottom left.Get the pearl.It is at eyesight view at the Hydra’s cave.It’s outside the cave.Enter the cave.Before the hydra comes for you,jump and bump it at it’s head.You get the Hydra’s scale.The card says ,”Poptropica”.You click on the thunderbolt on Aphrodite’s mirror.It transports you in front of a gate.You decide to head for Athena.Athena says that the items are dangerous.You gather the words and they say,”Whoever wields the five sacred objects will rule all of Poptropica..Zeus appears,laughing.He takes the 5 items .You ask him about your immortality and says that he would not grant immortality to you.You decide to get the help of Hercules.You use the mirror and go to Hades.Hercules pushes the rock away from Hades’s throne room.You ask Hades for help and he says that he cannot leave the underworld.But he offers you his crown.You leave for Poseidon.Hercules crashes the rock blocking Poseidon’s throne room.Sadly,he too cannot leave the seas.But he offers you his trident.You click the thunderbolt on the mirror.Hercules crashes the lock.Once you enter,you see a snake.Hercules picks it up,just to find Medusa.Hecules becomes a statue.You meet a person selling bags of wind (how ridiculous?) The bag of wind carries you up.Go up all the way.You are in a dark place. Go all the way to your right.Zeus’s statues will gleam.Then Zeus questions you and says that you and your brothers will suffer his wrath.
“Not if I can help it!”says your Poptropican
Your poptropican wears Hades’s crown and holds on to Poseidon’s trident and your poptropican enlarges.You must shoot Zeus while he shoots you.After you win, Zeus promises to be good.Athena gives you the medal.

And thanks again to Mona Lisa and Pooh! And I agree, bags of wind? Awkward… 😉



7 Responses to “Mytholgy island guide!”

  1. mubeenah

    It was written by me and my sister too.I am Pooh.

    Green Boa: Thanks for writing this awesome guide! I’ve edited it so you both wrote it. 😉

  2. zues

    thanks this helped me a lot

  3. kardeldavion

    Poptoprica is so freak the underworld river is bad

  4. Rachel

    You forgot to say you have to go to the Tree of Immortality.

    Green Boa:If you looked, you would see that the walkthrough says “Then you turn to your left and see a path named “Tree Of Immortality”
    You go by that path…” so that is good enough. 😉

  5. Cool Thinder

    Thanks this helped me alot but how do I open the cave to get the golden ring of Minotaur? I have no idea om how to smash it open. Thanks.

    Green Boa: To open the gate use your flute and the colors on the door as a guide 😉

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