Does Poptropica have an odd-job man?

Hey everyone!

Poptropica has been down for maintainence AGAIN… only this time it has been posted on the PCB.

Monday, April 5, 2010


Greetings Poptropicans! We’ll be closed from 6AM – 9AM on Tuesday, April 6 for some technical maintenance. We’ll be back up in no time!

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Director D
So this has got me thinking…. 3 hours? What would the creators want? I doubt they are removing a bug because they wouldn’t know how long it would take…? PLEASE be doing something about membership… (as in removing it… hey, I like membership when I have it, but how long it takes for non-members is just… unfair… 😦 )
Hmmmmmmm, *’thinking…. do not disturb’ face is on…* are they testing a new program for an upcoming island? :0
Hmmmmmmmmmmmm, think think think, think think think… whoops I’m sounding like Whinnee the Pooh, now! xD
Ovivwar, Meis Amies!
Green Boa… speaking la Francis! (like Master Mime!)

2 Responses to “Does Poptropica have an odd-job man?”

  1. Smart Kid

    lol! winnie the pooh xD I hope it’s a new island.

    • greenboa

      Lol, I hope they were downloading something so they could make something cool for a new island! 😀

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