Entrance to the underworld…

Oh, wait a sec, guys, I’m reading this awesome book.

“Crazy Noodle knew he shouldn’t go in there, but the man with white skin in green robes was beckoning him… Crazy Noodle followed, and it was very dark. He kept walking… until…”

Oh fine! We’ll get on with the update. It’s not really an update, but the creators have posted a Mytholgy island notice on the Poptropica Facebook Page! 😀

Home sweet home… but for who? 😛

Honestly. Who would want to live there? Surely not me… *chuckle* MUHAHAHA! MUHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! 😛 *laughs* I SCARED YOU!!! HAHA! Ahem, sorry.

Two weeks until Mytholgy Island is realeased to the public! Here is a sneak peak of a place you will be visiting!

If you want spoilers… [SPOILERS] THAT *points to pic* is the entrance to the underworld… You go in, fall down a big hole, cross the River Styx, and there you are! [SPOILERS]

Looks cool huh? Anyway. Thats all for this post!


Green Boa… Likes Ice Cream 😛


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