Evil Earth Extermination Eradication! =D

Hey humans! (I’m not a human. I’m a snake, remember?)

If you are a earth loving person, enjoy the new mini-quest the creators give us! 😀

Monday, April 19, 2010

Earth Day

Until we put an end to pollution, there’s no way I’m going to leave my hazmat suit. Check the Poptropica store for a new FREE Earth Day quest. Not only will you be helping to save the earth, but just for helping out, we’ll give you some free Poptropica credits!

Yay! Credits and a nice tidy Green shirt. 😀

avatar image

YAAAYYYY! CREDITS! GO CREATORS! YOU GIVE US CREDITS! WHOOP DA WHOOP! Anyway, heres a few pics I took while doing this quest. 😉

The pig at the gate. What else would he be?

Your instructions. Stop those energy hogs! 😀

So, 50 creds, and a nice fun game, I judge that a 8/10 rating. Nice job, creators. :mrgreen:

Adios Ameigos!

Green Boa … now has 475 credits! I’m not joking. :mrgreen: :mrgreen: :mrgreen:

About the title…. I am NOT crazy. Evil, you get that part. Earth, surley you know that? Extermination, to make something extinct. To make it cease to exist. Eradication, to get rid of something. So in long the title means Getting rid of bad things harming the planet. *rolls eyes*


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