It’s no myth!

Mytholgy is here! And there be the ship of skullduggery approaching poptropica’s docks. 😉

I’m thinking, if I work on being a pirate, I won’t be allergic to them by the time Skullduggery is here!

Thursday, April 29, 2010

Mythology Island – NOW ONLINE!

Mythology Island is now available to everyone! Do you have what it takes to become the next hero of Olympus?

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Nice, but this was posted by Shark Boy! What about Hades? It’s funny how creators from islands never get to post about their islands coming out. 😐 😛
Well, non-members, GO OUT AND GET SOME MYTH IN THEE! Play pipes, cross rivers, fight a crazy hydra! I’m not revealing who the bad guy is, (if I haven’t already done that xD) TRUST NO-ONE. I know it’s crazy but keep your godly wits about you, the person you have around you is EVIL.
Unless you haven’t noticed, the map has changed, and here’s a pic.

Island of the gods and island of the pirates. Both of these icons 'Arrr' amazing! 😉

Awesome! :O Look. At. This.

ISLANDS OF 2010 (So Far)

  • 1: Counterfeit released to the public
  • 2: RTV released to members
  • 3:Dr Hares secret lair miniquest (1/2 an island I guess)
  • 4: RTV released to everyone
  • 5: Mytholgy released to members
  • 6: Earth Day mini Quest released ( another half an island)
  • 7:Mytholgy island released to everyone (today)
  • 8: Skullduggery island coming in May… 😮

4 islands (including the 2 mini quests as 1/2 islands) released already and Skullduggery coming in May! 😮 The Creators must be working overtime!!!


Later Poptropica.

Green Boa… KING OF OLYMPUS. 😀 😉


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