Yeah I know I’m late with a ton of updates…


Yes, I know I have been very late for updates, but I had a 5 day school camp, and I forgot to post that I would be away… 😐

Post #1:

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Take it from the top

We thought we’d give you a new perspective on Skullduggery Island:

How’s that for a bird’s-eye view?

avatar image

*whistles*Are we going to get flying boats?! XD Or maybe you get shot from a cannon! Er, um what are your ideas?
Post #2:
Skullduggery Trailer! Offically!

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Oh yeah, I can’t display the video like this, so Click Here

Post #3: Skullduggery Dates announced!

Thursday, May 13, 2010

Secret’s out: Skullduggery Island will open to the public on June 17. Members can cast their sails beginning May 20!

I’d be more excited if I didn’t expect everyone to turn their cannons on me the first chance they get…

avatar image

Oh boy! Lets shoot this sea dog down! And here’s what you got if you signed up for the email alert.
Skullduggery Island available with membership May 20th!
Embark on a new adventure to save Skullduggery Island from the wicked Captain Crawfish. Once a thriving port, the island is at the mercy of pirates who steal its goods and prevent merchants from trading there. In order to restore the island, you and your crew will have to defeat the pirates and assemble the pieces of a hidden treasure map.

Skullduggery Island opens to the public on June 17, but members can cast their sails on May 20.

Visit Poptropica today to learn more about Poptropica Membership. And don’t forget to sign up for the next island release alert.

-The Poptropica Creators

Get Poptropica Membership!

“I’ll hang ye from the yardarm if ye don’t get membership.”

Membership Benefits
Buy Membership
Skullduggery Island Info

New and existing members: Log on by May 17th to receive a members-only booty in        your stash!

Skullduggery Island

You signed up for a one-time email notification from Poptropica to be alerted when a new island is scheduled to launch. You will not receive any more notifications, unless you sign up here to be notified when the next island will be available.
Arrr, so it be treasure we scouting. Oh, and ignore that hasty Cap’n Crawfish forcing ye of the non-member lot with a threaten of death.
Bye bye.
Green Boa

One Response to “Yeah I know I’m late with a ton of updates…”

  1. Skullduggery Fan

    Arrr! I can’t wait for the island to be released. I think it’s going to be the most exciting one yet. I really like the ship and sea monster combat part from the trailer. It looks like a lot of fun.

    Green Boa: Thanks for the sneak peak! (I don’t have the right program to veiw the vid and I’m not allowed to download it) 😀

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