Everybody Dance Now! =D

Posted On May 18, 2010

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Are you into glammer and shiny stuff? Do you want to sing through the streets in the wildest clothes? Poptropica now allows you to glimmar and glammar, with new PROM outfits! Who’s ready for the par-tay? 😀

Monday, May 17, 2010


It’s time to strut your stuff in these new “Prom” themed outfits! Of course, I prefer to wear my shark suit for these fancy occasions.

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Cool cool cool! I didn’t know Poptropica had proms. 😐 But still. Anyway, I’m a king without the ‘Prom’ part. 😀
Green Boa

3 Responses to “Everybody Dance Now! =D”

  1. Smart kid not logged in

    lol! yeah, I didn’t know either. O_o But, I guess if if someone wants to put on a play in the multiverse, they could use it..

    • Green Boa

      Good idea! Or maybe it would add more reason to have a multi party. 😉

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