Grad Fever

Posted On June 11, 2010

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My first real post! It’s graduation season, and the creators have made a costume to go with it! Also, to celebrate the world cup, there’s a soccer costume! Here’s the post:

Graduation Day & Soccer Fever!

We’ve got two great items in our store this week!

It’s graduation season and we have a free cap and gown for all of you! Also celebrate the World Cup with a cool color changing soccer outfit!

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The one and only Shark Boy at 4:00 PM
Finally! A costume that’s free! 😉 Now I don’t have to waste credits… Wow, the creators have been active lately! Speaking of that, the creators have decided to abondon the facebook and just keep posting on the official blog…  And there’s a surprise involved.. 😉
 Well, fans, at the end of this week, we’re closing up shop here on the Poptropica Facebook page. The good news: You can continue to get sneak peeks and breaking news over at the official Poptropica blog (! And keep an eye out for one more special treat for our Facebook fans before we go.

NOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!! We like the facebook. 😦 but whats the surprise? 😮 looks like we’re just gonna have to wait and see to find out.
Smart Kid…..
Has defeated Captain Crawfish twice!



2 Responses to “Grad Fever”

  1. Green Boa

    I think the creators abandoned Facebook because there were lots of spam comments. :/

    • Smart Kid

      Yeah… :/ at least that means they’re posting more often on the real blog…

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