Posted On June 11, 2010

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🙂 As promised to the facebook fans, There’s one last surprise for them. Here’s the post on their wall:

Fans, as promised, here’s one last surprise. The official Poptropica blog has the scoop on a secret item that’s been hidden somewhere in Poptropica! We’re not revealing its location anywhere else — the Poptropica blog is where you’ll be able to find all the inside information about Poptropica! Keep checking in at!

And there’s also another on the creators’ blog:

It’s a secret to everybody.

Somebody has hidden a hypnotic new item somewhere in the world of Poptropica! It’s totally free — you just have to find it. Here’s a screenshot of where the item is hiding:

Look familiar? Just click on that window pane to see what you find!

(Okay, here’s a hint: It’s in Early Poptropica!)

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The one and only Captain Crawfish at 6:57 AM
🙂 I like the costume… Too bad you can’t acually hypnotize poptropicans with it, right? xD Here’s what it looks like, even though I’m sure you’ve already found it yourself, but…
Interesting….. I hope to see more secret items soon! 😀
Smart Kid…. summer vacation addict.

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