Wimps, sheesh.

Posted On July 24, 2010

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Hallo, Green Boa here.

Have you read the book series Diary Of A Wimpy Kid by Jeff Kinny?

If you haven’t, I reccomend them! As Greg Heffley, the star, seems to be coming to Poptropica!!!

via A special guest is coming to Poptropica!.

Google ‘Greg Heffley’ in Google Images if you want to be sure. 🙂

+ This is the Black Widow’s First post! Welcome to the team, YOU EVIL ART STEALING KARATE PERSON PAINTING THEIF POPTROPICAN!!! D:<<< XD XD just kidding. 😀

++ Fun Fact: Jeff Kinny, author of Diary Of A Wimpy Kid, is also a Poptropica creator!!! Coincidence? Or virtual trap??? :OOOOOOOOO


One Response to “Wimps, sheesh.”

  1. elmopwns

    hey, it’s elmopwns from the poptropica project, ur now an admin…ur posts are freking awesome green boa!!! I don’t now if you can see this but feel free to help urself to all the dummy account you like on the blog by emailing the poptropica help guy….ur posts are AWESOME! please don’t leave )0_0 (begs/wags tail)

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